OFFICIAL POLICY  

         This is the official policy for Star Trek: Final Frontier. Failure to comply with the terms can result in a ban.

Basic Rules

You won't get baned for these rules, but try to follow them. You should use italicized styles on ship names after the USS, ISS, etc.

EX: Uss Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)

You should also italic person's names after their titles.

EX: Mr. Spock

You should also put your signature using four tidles, on talk page or comments.

EX: (~~~~)

You should also use links to connect pages. With [[...]]

Also, if you think any article needs deletion, put the {{Delete}} tag. No argument is required.

Behavior on other wikis determines if you can contribute to this wiki.

Unacceptable usernames are not allowed, if your username is EX: (fuck you, nigga), that's not allowed.

You must be 13 years or older to contribute. Anyone can view articles.

More Guidelines

Articles must be related to Star Trek.

Also, any of the following is probibited from Star Trek: Final Frontier:

  • Pornography is prohibited from ST: Final Frontier and will result in a permanant ban since anyone of 13 or older can use this site. Pornographic images, videos, and text is prohibited and also links to pornographic sites are prohibited. If you find any article that includes the above, report them by inserting the {{Delete}} tag.
  • Profanity - Mild Profanity is tolerable, but Profane names and Profane comments are not permitted, and bans will be issued. If you find any profanity in a page, that is not mild, put the {{Delete}} tag.
  • Sex - Star Trek has alot to do with love, sex, lust, etc. Sexuality is not permitted on this wiki. You will get used to it or get banned
  • Racisim - Racisim is not allowed and will cause ban policies to be in order. Racisim is offensive by gender and skin color and race.
  • Hacking - Hacking is prohibited for ALL wikias. If hacking happens, contact wikia, NOT US.
  • This policy may be changed at any time without notice.