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Basic Information Edit

“For every starship, a legend is born ... " - Gene Roddenbery. The USS Eagle (NX-11), was a Federation-Starshp that existed in the 23rd century. This ship was launched on Earth and was a very advanced ship.

Beginning of the journey Edit

The Eagle, docked at the spacedock, is starting her mission. The ship has 2 Nacelles that are not funnel-shaped. The ship was similar to the Constitution-Class, but the warp nacelles are on the Saucer section.

Crew Members Edit

Captain: Bennedict Johnson

First Officer: John Arthur

2nd Officer: Jahad Anderson

Helm: Jordan Frank

Counseler: Everlise Richmen

Tactical: Leia Yar

Security: Tasha Williams

Engineering: Thomas Crusher

Transporter Chief: Jack Connoly

Doctor: James Phillips

The end of a Legend Edit

22 Years after the Eagle was launched, it has docked at DS9. 5 Bajoran ships attacked the Eagle. Bajoran Waepons were too weak. But, 1 ship crashed into the stardrive section, which caused a warp core breach. The Eagle, was destroyed.